Awareness of breast cancer

Association of the nine assists women Sands breast cancer and their loved ones since its inception in 1994. The association provides support through volunteers, breast cancer survivors, along with emotional support by professionals, and to provide information and utilization rights.









Details About Association

The association was founded in 1994 by a group of women led by Nurit Tolnai. These women have developed breast cancer and have encountered many difficulties in coping with their disease, in the absence of adequate support and information. They have set up a support network of women and professionals, which allows breast cancer patients to no longer feel shame and embarrassment in the face of the disease and offers them legal, mental and medical assistance.

One in nine provides women with breast cancer with comprehensive information, expert advice, support, protection of rights and professional guidance from the diagnostic stage throughout all stages of the disease. As part of the day-to-day work, professionals and experts in a variety of fields are active in the association, including: social workers, psychologists who specialize in psycho-oncology, lawyers, doctors and more.

Along with the professionals, the association provides support to patients and their relatives through volunteers, who have recovered from breast cancer and have undergone special training.

Over the years, one in nine has won numerous awards and certificates for her activities to raise awareness of breast cancer , the campaign to include life-saving drugs in the drug basket, and to create a support network for women battling breast cancer.

Focus Areas

Why are we taking action & What are we doing?

With you all the way – one in nine associations is here for you from the stage of diagnosing breast cancer and throughout the coping, treatments and return to routine.
Service at break. We will update on the return of the service One in nine is launching a new support service, for women dealing with breast cancer, via private messages on Facebook at night.
One in nine runs a support and information line for breast cancer patients and their relatives. We are here to serve you as a listening ear, relieve anxiety and provide you with comprehensive information on how to deal with breast cancer.
One in Nine offers you the help of volunteers by your side, women who have recovered from breast cancer and have been trained to accompany women who are now dealing with the disease.

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